2012 Edublog Award Nominations

I have four kids under eight years old, so I really don’t have a ton of extra time.  The people below do amazing work and really inspire me to blog and keep going when energy is at a minimum.  I have seen the work that the people below have put in, and am truly amazed at their dedication to educational technology as a whole.  I am happy to say that I have met all of the people I am nominating below this year.  Yes, @mrhooker, I am name dropping…BOOM! 

Best Individual Blog – Moving At The Speed Of Creativity – Wes Fryer  I am in awe of Wes Fryer.  He comes up with so many great ideas, and shares them out with the world on his blog.  I saw him present at Mobile 2012, one of my highlights of the year. 


Best EdTech/Resource Sharing Blog – TechChef4u – Lisa Johnson I now get to say I work along side Lisa Johnson in my school district.  I have seen create blogs on just simple things that we have done at conferences, and turn them into gold.  She constantly talks about how behind she is on her blogging…..and she has done THREE in the last four days. 


Best Administrator Blog – Hooked On Innovation – Carl Hooker He IS a big deal….and he will tell you so.  More importantly Carl not only blogs about technology innovation, he fights for it every day in our district.


Best Group Blog – Teachercast – Jeffery Bradbury I have met Jeff through a Skype call and he is up at all hours trying to make Teachercast better.  He tweaks the website constantly and has an impressive team of educators blogs that he pulls from. (including yours truly)


Best Teacher Blog – My Hullabaloo – Matt Gomez  I can safely say that Matt Gomez is a legend in his own mind.  Seriously, the guy comes up with incredible ideas for his Kindergarten students all the time and shares them on his blog.  He co-organizes #kinderchat and #edcampdallas in his spare time.


Most Influential Post – It’s Time To Disrupt The System – Alison Anderson  It IS time to disrupt the system.  Alison wrote this post after attending the ISTE conference in 2012.  She hit the nail on the head.


Best Individual Tweeter – @ipadsammy – Jon Samuelson  I am pretty confident as to the amount of time I put in curating content on Twitter.  It takes a lot of time…and as Lisa Johnson is to blogging…I am to Twitter. 


Best Twitter Hashtag – #iosedapp  Great educators share apps there daily, you should check it out!


Best Mobile App – Haiku Deck  This is always tough…people always ask what is the best app? It totally depends on the situation.  I think this app could be used K-12 and beyond and it’s new, and the developers listen.  I like all those qualities in an app.


I think if you add these blogs/people/items to your personal learning network, you will be a winner in your classroom.  Good luck to all the people above, you are all great educators!





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