Workflow in the 1:1 iPad Classroom – First Grade



IT happened….. something went wrong in our first grade classroom when using the iPads.  I know, BIG SHOCKER!  One of the more important things teachers need to remember is things will not always go as planned when using the iPads.  There will be technical difficulties, connectivity issues, and things that are unforeseen.  You have to be able to think on your feet and improvise to teach in the 1:1 iPad classroom.  I try to help teachers achieve this at my school.  

Our teachers wanted to start to do calendar on the iPad using the Draw Free app.  They had templates made that they needed to import to the photo library to make this happen.  We had originally decided that it would be simple just to import them using the iFiles app.  That did work for two of the teachers, but in the moment the third teacher tried it, iFiles let her down.  The workaround for us was to try out the Chirp app, that we had just installed the day before.  I got the calendar templates to my iPhone and opened Chirp.  We did this because Chirp had been crashing on my iPad.  I doubted whether Chirp would work for the entire class, but it worked surprisingly well!  There were only a few times that we had to rechirp to deliver EIGHT templates to the class.  They saved to their camera roll, and off they went into Draw Free.  

It is hard to answer questions on which app works best for workflow to grade and give back student work on the iPad.  I believe it is best to have several options and find what works best for you with trial and error.  The important part is, make sure that you are ready to handle different types of problems in case they arise. 

I have included a link at the bottom from a presentation I did last Thursday and Tech Forum.  I talk about the situation I just described above.  I am the last speaker, and my friends Lisa Johnson and Yolanda Barker start off the session. 


Chirp in the iTunes Store

iFiles in the iTunes Store

Draw Free in the iTunes Store

App-tivities Live Stream Session from Tech Forum Austin featuring TechChef4u and iPadSammy



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