Lisa Johnson needs your support….


Here is the link:

I have been trying to drum up support for Lisa ever since I saw this contest.  Simply put, Lisa is one of the top iPad educators out there today.  You don’t believe me?  That’s OK, I can back it up with several links that will prove me right.  I believe that the ISTE conference is about sharing great things that you do with your students.  Lisa Johnson, embodies that spirit, and it is worth the 30 seconds it will take to vote for her.  She needs to attend this conference and she WILL share EVERYTHING she learns, as well as present there.  Allow me to e-introduce Lisa Johnson and the reasons you should help her out.

She has her own Podcast that she does with her friend, Yolanda Barker, here:

If you take a listen, she has interviewed such people as: Tony Vincent, Diane Darrow, Kathy Burdick, Carl Hooker, Bryan Doyle, Derek Keenan, Travis Allen, and of course…the great @ipadsammy!!

She took months and created her own app.  The app has a list of over 500 FREE APPS available for teachers to use in lessons with their class.  The link to the app is here, and of course, it is FREE:

She posts her links to SEVEN pages!! I don’t even know how to get seven pages, they limited me to five.  Lisa gets special favors, THAT is how good she is.  Her topics are here:

Her Twitter account she shares with all the time. Her profile is here:!/ComputerExplore

Finally her Techchef4u Blog is a great resource for anyone trying to integrate iPad lessons into the classroom.  Just take a moment to look down and at all the resources on the side.  Yolanda Barker and her spend a lot of time on this blog, and it shows.  The link is here:

These are just the basics.  She has pages, Symbaloo pages, Glogster pages, the list goes on and on.  She wants to PRESENT and SHARE.  That is what this contest is about, and that is why you should take the time to vote for her.  The contest ends May 31, please help a deserving teacher out.


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