New Year’s Resolution

Everyone makes them…so here’s mine.  I have been meaning to start blogging for a long time now.  I follow great people on Twitter, I have my own personal learning network, I like to think I am connected.  There are so many great educators out there, and they ALL HAVE BLOGS…but not me.  So I am taking the plunge as of right now.  I don’t know if my theme is the greatest, I don’t exactly know how to set this up.  I do know that I want to start my blog this year, and be a real person.  All my PLN has cool links to their blogs, so why not me??

I am a huge believer in mobile learning, specifically the iPod and iPad.  I am very connected and try many different applications for learning.  I am a fourth grade elementary school teacher of math and science.  I do look for all kinds of apps across the elementary grade levels.  My children are 6,4, and 2.  They can all use an iPod, iPhone, and iPad.  Some people are amazed by this, but it is just a fact.  Having kids of my own this young, my specialty is what kids these ages like.  I hope to provide you with a number of these applications, and an honest assessment of whether you should add them to your repertoire.  I hope to keep this resolution.

The first app that I think the 4th graders love this year is Stack The States.  I know many of you have probably heard of this one, but I have seen it in action first hand.  The kids LOVE this app.  It is definitely worth the .99 cent investment.  My 4 year old also loves this.  The music appeals to him, and he likes the action of dropping the states.  He definitely can’t answer the questions, so I have to sit there with him.  I gave some free time on our iPod touch lab at school before Winter Break, and 85% of them played Stack The States.  That is a ringing endorsement to me.


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. Nandi andrea Hill

    I am glad you started, i have three children 14,9 & 7,and I need suggestions for math extra’s. My oldest gets A ‘s in every subject, but math,and my 9 year old is slipping a bit. I know from the past you were going to be the teacher we always wished we had as children. thanks for putting this energy towards a blog. 🙂

  2. Jarred Stewart

    I found your blog on the edcampplano site. I’m new to all this too. I’ve always enjoyed surfing through various education blogs, and I recently heard an NPR report on how professional presence on the net looks great to potential employers.


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